Let’s paint a picture of a scene that takes place in countless homes on a monthly basis. You come home from work at the end of yet another long, hard day at the office. Hunger and exhaustion set in the minute you set your keys on the table, but hunger takes priority (cause who can go to sleep on an empty stomach?). You open the fridge, glance at its contents, and decide that nothing looks good. So your next step is to order take-out from a local restaurant. But WHAT local restaurant do you call? After all, how many times can you order pizza or eat a drive-thru cheeseburger without it getting repetitive?

When you are looking for a dinner that’s outside the box, full of flavor, and is the perfect cure to a frustrating day on the job, many turn to Indochinese cuisine. But just what exactly IS Indochinese cuisine?

The popular Food 52 blog describes IndoChinese cuisine as the marriage of Chinese ingredients like soy sauce and vinegar with flavors such as garlic, ginger, chile peppers in generous quantities. The combination of the ingredients of China with the ingredients of India creates dishes with uniquely bold flavor profiles, flavors that just keep people coming back for more. 

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further states that many dishes of IndoChinese cuisine feature a rice or noodle base, fish, and fresh seasonal vegetables. This is all topped off with a delectable sauce and some kind of crunch or texture. 

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